What is the difference?

Tyres fall in to premium, mid-range and budget categories – and the best type of tyre for you depends on many factors.

The best type of tyre for your vehicle will depend on various factors such as driving style, budget, type of vehicle, driving environment, personal preference, weather conditions.

Tyres generally fall into three main – Premium, Mid-Range and Budget:

Premium Tyres

  • Recognisable Brands (Continental / Goodyear / Dunlop / Pirelli /etc)
  • Benefit from latest technology & research
  • High Quality
  • Can help improved fuel economy and reduce emissions
  • Improved braking & safety
  • Reduced Road Noise
  • Longer Lasting

Mid-Range Tyres

  • Produced by the premium manufacturers
  • Less recognisable brands
  • Good quality
  • Affordable prices

Budget Tyres

  • Lesser known brands
  • Economy Option
  • Inferior quality
  • Low Cost
  • Base option to ensure legal compliance

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